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A Bit About Me

Is writer's block getting you down?

I'm Katt Rardi, I'm an artist and songwriter.

I'm all about creative and positive energy and I'm excited to meet other creatives whom I can lend my voice and pen to.

I'm currently working between New York and Los Angeles, I've written for multiple upcoming artists including myself.

I write full records, demos, hooks, features, and concepts. I have a broad library of work and my focus right now is high-quality songwriting as well as vocal features that will make anything coming from me competitive within today's music industry. I write from an authentic place full of experience, so if you want a fresh and true perspective that understands the culture, I'm your girl!

I'm the new kid on the block, a timeless soul creating timeless music. Offering affordable rates with quality sound! Reach me for top line, demo, lyrics, concepts, visuals, etc!

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